Best golf course in Spain

Major golf clubs in Spain


Best golf course in Spain

Major golf clubs in Spain

Spain is one of the best golfing countries in the world. Many tourists come to enjoy long days and golf tournaments. Specifically Andalusia receives most of this tourism thanks to its good weather and stable climate throughout the year. Today we want to tell you which is the best golf course in Spain.

Which is the best golf course in Spain?

As you might have imagined, deciding on the best golf course in Spain can be complicated, but the best golf course is in Sotogrande. Valderrama Golf Club is located in Cadiz and is ranked as the best golf course in Spain.

Valderrama Golf Club 

History of Valderrama Golf

Valderrama Golf Club is the best golf course in Spain. Inaugurated in 1964, Valderrama Golf Club was the first course designed by Trent Jones in Europe and is 6,356 metres long.
Idea of Joseph McMicking, chose this enclave of Southern Spain for its climate and its good location. A vision of the future to last in time. The best golf course in Spain was a milestone in the construction of golf courses on this side of the Atlantic.
Already in 1966 this space lived a great appointment. It had the pleasure of receiving the best players of Europe in the Open of Spain.
In 1970 the Jerez Cup was born, the current origin of the European Nations Championship Royal Cup Sotogrande Golf Club. Every year it receives the best amateurs in Europe.
Sotogrande has managed to position itself as the best golf course in Spain thanks to its facilities and services, but also to the great referents of golf who come to play.
Sotogrande Golf was the scene of the Spanish Amateur Championship in 1983, which was won by a very young José Olazábal, winner of the Masters Augusta in 1994 and 1999.
Only 5 years later, Valderrama Golf witnessed the victory of the great Severiano Ballesteros in the Championship of Spain Professionals, 1987.
In the year 1194, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, granted Sotogrande the title of Real.
There are many more stories that houses Sotogrande Golf or Valderrama Golf, but undoubtedly is a unique space in our country.
There are many golf courses in Spain and, specifically, Andalusia has some of the best golf courses in Spain.

Valderrama Golf Andalusian

Open Golf 2019

Candado Golf is another of the places where they give golf lessons in Malaga. A space that has very competitive prices, thus receiving the visit of many players.  Also, it has two levels of preparation; initiation and improvement. This space also hosts various tournaments throughout the year and organizes championships.

valderrama golfandalusia

In 2016 the Open de Golf in Spain was played on the Valderrama course with great expectation thanks to being the best golf course in Spain.

As you can see, Spain has incredible places for the practice of this sport that continues to gain followers.