Golf Accesories


Golf Accesories

More and more people dare to play golf. In addition to its many health benefits, golfers prefer the sport for the freedom to play it outdoors.

To play golf there are more and more accessories or complements that make the games easier for their players.

What accesories to choose to play golf?

You can imagine that according to your experience and level you will prefer one accessory or another. For those of you who are just starting out in this world, here is a list of all the accessories you need to enjoy a round of golf outdoors with all the comforts.

guantes de golf campo


The most recommended sets for beginners are:

Many times it is believed that to start playing golf the first thing to do is to buy a bag with the most expensive golf clubs that we can afford, but this is not necessary. Obviously we need a set of clubs, but also other accessories that will be very useful to learn to play.

Also, we talk about one of the most important accessories, golf gloves.

Golf Gloves:

There are many types of gloves to play golf, but if these starting the fundamental thing is that they are well reinforced in the part of the hand, ie the area of the palm. The material can vary but you must try them and feel the touch, if the glove is too thick you will not play well.

If you don’t know, a left-handed person will buy a right-handed glove and a right-handed person will buy a left-handed glove. Why? Because the non-dominant hand is used for the game.

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Which brand of gloves to choose?

From Golf Andalusian we recommend brands such as:

– Nike Golf Gloves

– Bridgeston Golf Gloves

– Golf Gloves Footjoy

Although we have named three of the most demanded, there are many other brands that work with good materials and very careful finishes.

Golf glove design ?

Obviously with the number of manufacturers that exist, the design is also very varied. The gloves will be made, for example, of natural or synthetic leather.

A golf glove can be narrower or looser in the player’s hand, so it is important that the person who is going to use it is the one who chooses his glove. Currently, also incorporate some mesh parts in the glove for the hand to breathe, some are with the fingers in the air or even golf gloves without fingers, everything will depend on the experience and comfort of the player.

Size golf gloves?

It is one of the fundamental parts of any purchase. You will have to choose the size very well, the glove must be integrated in the hand, neither too big nor too narrow.

Price golf gloves ?

As for the price, you have already thought that it will depend on what you want to spend. You can find gloves to play golf from 12€, but we recommend that you choose good gloves.

The best gloves will not be the most expensive ones but the ones you feel most comfortable with.

When to use the gloves?

Just like the clothes, depending on the season of the year in which you are going to play, there are different golf gloves for winter or summer. There are also thermal or rain gloves on the market.

Golf Markers:

When you are playing golf you may have to lift the ball for some reason, for example to clean the area. A golf marker is used for this. These accessories are usually round and made of plastic.

Golf markers are placed exactly where the ball is.


Many times what can happen is that when we hit the ball and it falls on the Green it leaves a mark on the lawn, this can be an impediment for the development of the game, then a golf arreglapiques is used.

What this tool does is loosen the soil and smooth the lawn.

Golf clubs:

It is clear that without this accessory you can not play golf, but to start you do not need the 14 clubs that can carry your bag.

One tip is that for your first game you can start by renting your set of clubs to start with. In this way you will be able to check which clubs are necessary to continue practicing and which you can buy later.

Normally in golf courses there is the possibility of renting them.