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La Resina Golf & Country Club

Resina Golf Country club

La Resina Golf & Country Club

La Resina Golf

The 9-hole Resina Golf Club is also known as “the little Augusta“. La Resina course is located in Estepona and was designed in 2005 by Craig Cooke and Bradley Smith in 2005. This space has 1082 meters and can be completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes approximately.

La Resina Golf Estepona is characterized by a pleasant course, developed between lakes and tropical gardens, hence its nickname of “the little Augusta”. It is considered to be one of the best 9 holes on the Costa del Sol, and since its opening they have strived to keep its tees, streets and greens in perfect condition.

La Resina has several tournaments, which leads to golf trips to come and play these championships. The Resin Open stands out, where a minimum of 6 days are needed to play for the final prize.