Golf Courses near Cadiz

The six golf courses in Cadiz that will surprise you!

Los campos más destacados de Cádiz

Golf Courses near Cadiz

The six golf courses in Cadiz that will surprise you!

There are many golf courses in the province of Cadiz, and is that this sport has become one of the most important in the area.

From the Campo de Gibraltar to the Bay of Cadiz are many spaces dedicated to golf. Also and to the delight of all its players, in addition to quantity, there is a variety of scenarios. Many of the most important hotels in the province are rooted in the golf courses near Cadiz, which makes the stay perfect.

Currently, the province of Cadiz has 30 courses dedicated to golf and is the second in Andalusia only behind Malaga, which has 61 courses.

Below, we will make a list of the best golf courses near Cadiz.

Some of the best cadiz golf courses

Costa Ballena Golf

Located in Chiclana de la Frontera is one of the largest resorts in Cadiz. Costa Ballena Ocean Golf Club is divided into Ficus, Olivos and Palmeras.

A course with 27 holes of competition to which every year thousands of players come. In addition, in this environment you can enjoy magnificent beaches most of the year.

As far as the practice area is concerned, it has room for 120 players simultaneously. Costa Ballena Golf is a space that hosts various tournaments throughout the year, so players come from all over the world. It is undoubtedly a recognized place within the golf courses in Cadiz.

If you visit Chiclana de la Frontera you will not only be able to play golf but there are many possibilities in the town of Cadiz. Also, it is a place very demanded by its gastronomy and its traditions.


Arcos Golf

Defined as a challenge for professional golfers and located in the town of Arcos de la Frontera, offers a unique experience to its visitors, being one of the golf courses near Cadiz most in demand.

Endowed with 18 holes where golfers develop their skills, a place surrounded by an extensive flora and fauna.

Arcos gardens has an excellent location, as well as one of the most advanced technologies. It has been chosen by the Swedish Golf Federation together with the English Golf Federation as the venue for their official winter training sessions.

As you have seen it is a course known within the borders of Andalusia, but also outside them. It stands out for its wide and generous streets, strategically placed lakes and its bunkers designed and cared for to the millimeter.

The golf courses in Cadiz stand out for their size, but also for the area as they have a good temperature throughout the year.


Sotogrande Golf

Inaugurated in 1964, the Real Club de Golf Sotogrande has 18 holes thought and designed strategically for the enjoyment of golfers. A work by Robert Trent Jones.

This course was Trent Jones’ first job in Europe and was a milestone in the construction of golf courses, as it was the first course to install a fully automated irrigation system.

It has hosted such important tournaments as the Spanish Open, being recognized throughout Spain as one of the best golf courses near Cadiz. As a club it has its own tournament, La Copa de Sotogrande, but in 1990 the Consejo Regulador de vinos de Jerez became its sponsor, receiving the name of Copa Jerez.

It is one of the golf courses near Cadiz that has not stopped evolving, and in 2001 expanded the facilities from 9 holes to 18, but did not end there and in the coming years the club plans to renovate the practice area.


Alcaidesa Golf

Alcaidesa Links is the only golf course near Cadiz with character links, has 18 holes par 72. Opened in 1992 and designed by Peter Alliss and Clive Clark. It is one of the most charming courses in Andalusia as it has spectacular views that end at the beach.

Every year this place receives thousands of players with the intention of perfecting their game and enjoy a good game of golf. Thanks to its characteristics hosts such important tournaments as the Calvin Klein Golf Tournament, Heineken Tournament or the Sotogrande Golf Circuit.

To offer a complete service, this space dedicated to one of the most demanded sports in Cadiz has Alcaidesa Golf Hotel, a space taken care of to the maximum detail so that the golfers can relax before or after their games.

Another of its offers is the Alcaidesa Golf Academy, a place for learning for all ages.


Novo Sancti Petri Golf

For many it is Seve Ballesteros’ masterpiece defined as “Challenge and Beauty“. Endowed with 38 holes, it is one of the best known places in Cadiz. It has two possible courses; one known as Mar y Pinos and the other as Centro.

Among its curiosities, it was inaugurated with 27 holes in 1990 and in 2001 the last 9 were added.

Its location is perfect as only 250 meters from the course there is the possibility of staying in several hotels such as the Real Novo Sancti Petri Golf Club. This space has 5 stars, one of the most complete accommodations in the area of Cadiz.

It also has Los Olivos Restaurant where all kinds of events are held, offering a varied menu and a complete selection of wines. Undoubtedly one of the most successful golf courses near Cadiz in the province.


Valderrama Golf Club

This space is considered the best golf course in Spain and Europe, being one of the best in the world. Located in San Roque is one of the best known golf courses in Cadiz for being one of the most valuable pieces of Andalusian golf.

Inaugurated in 1975 is ranked as one of the top 5 pairs in the world. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones and has hosted tournaments as important as the Ryder Cup in 2007, the first time it was held in Continental Europe.

As you can see there are many outstanding golf courses in Cadiz, but if you come you can not miss the opportunity to visit one of these spaces. Do you arrive by plane to Malaga and need to rent your car to get to Cadiz? Discover now the best car rental.