Different types of golf clubs

 Types of golf clubs

Different types of golf clubs

Types of golf clubs

More and more people are daring to play golf, but at first it is normal that doubts arise about the types of golf clubs that exist in the market, and which to choose to start a game.

There is a wide range of golf clubs, but they can be classified into 4 main groups: woods, irons, putters and hybrids.

Depending on the type of material with which the golf club is made will serve to achieve one effect or another during the game. Before beginning to play we must understand the function that plays each of the types of golf clubs. According to the rules, a player can carry up to 14 different clubs in his golf bag, but a beginner does not need to have as many.

Wooden glof clubs:

With this type of club, a greater distance is achieved. The woods are used to give longer blows, such as exiting from the tee. Contrary to their name and what many people believe, these clubs are made of steel or titanium.

They can be classified into two types:

  1. Driver: Wood 1 or driver, is the longest, most expensive, powerful and difficult to use. It is used as we said for the longest strokes of the game.
  2. Fairway woods: The rest of the woods numbered from 2 to 11 are called fairway woods. These clubs are also designed for long strokes such as the second stroke of a par 5 or 4 long game.

Woods from 7 to 11 are commonly called utility.


Golf clubs irons:

The angle of the loft is what differentiates the irons from each other. This angle makes the ball have one trajectory or another. The loft of the golf club is the angle that the face of the club has with respect to a perpendicular and vertical line of the ground.

We can divide the types of iron golf clubs into two large groups:

  1. Numbered iron golf clubs: These clubs are numbered from 1 to 9 depending on the angle of the loft, which determines the height and distance of the trajectory of the ball. The higher the number of golf club this means the bigger your loft will be. This can range from 14º of iron 1 to 41º of iron 9.

Numbered iron golf clubs can be classified into:

– Iron 1 or driving iron

– Long irons: irons 2,3 and 4

– Medium irons: irons 5,6 and 7

– Short irons: irons 8 and 9

  1. Golf clubs wedges: Their golf angle is higher than numbered irons and they are generally marked with a letter representing their name. Here the loft of a wedge stick can go from 45º of the pitching wedge to 64º of the ultra lob wedge. These clubs are used for those shots that require little distance, but a lot of height and little displacement after their fall.

Widges golf clubs can be divided into:

– Pitching wedge: loft 45º, bounce 0-3, 90 meters.

– Gap Wedge: loft 50º, bounce 0-12º, 80 meters.

– Sand Wedge: loft 55º, bounce 12-15º, 70 meters.

– Lob Wedge: 60º loft, 0-4 bounce, 60 meters.


Hybrid golf clubs:

As you might have thought, they’re intermediate sticks between woods and irons. The purpose of a hybrid golf club is none other than to achieve the distance of the woods and the ease with which iron clubs have. They usually replace long irons from 1 to 5 and fairway wood clubs from 3 to 11.

Putter golf clubs:

This is the club that is used when you already have the ball very close to the hole. This is usually the most personal as it offers a wide variety of designs, materials, shapes, styles, weight and length.


Golf clubs prices

As you may have already imagined, there are many types and prices. The best golfers have really expensive clubs, but to start your hobby you can start with cheap golf clubs.

The price varies according to the characteristics of each club, but the cheapest you can find in the market is around 100€. From that amount you can buy golf clubs up to 10.000€.

If you are going to start playing we recommend you buy a set of golf clubs as they will come in different materials and will help you learn.

Brands golf clubs

There are many brands of golf clubs that are currently on the market, but the best known are:

– Callaway Clubs

– Cleveland Sticks

– Cobra Sticks

– Mizuno Sticks

– Nike Sticks

– Putters Odyssey

– Scotly Cameron Putters

– Srixon Sticks

As you have been able to read about the types of golf clubs on the market there are infinite possibilities, but to start playing you just need a set of simple golf clubs and the desire to learn.

Take a look at this video on the classification of golf clubs: